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Work Meetings


Shared work with the Fourth Way practices passed on by G.I. Gurdjieff and his students
Exercises, Gurdjieff Movements, Work with Attention, Themes and Discussion

Please contact us using the contact form to know the dates of our next meeting.

The events are part of the continuing work of our group.

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The child in the womb sang, “Let me remember who I am”.

And his first cry after birth was, “Oh, I have forgotten!”


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G. I. Gurdjieff – Thomas de Hartmann
il lento ascoltare
music and sacred dance from the East

Nisha Maggioni, sacred dance

Stefano Trevisi, piano

Auditorium San Vito di Cadore (BL)

12 February 2010



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Sunday 28 February 9.30am-5.00pm

A Day with Sacred Dances and the Experience of Attention, Relaxation and Sensation according to GI Gurdjieff and JG Bennett’s Teaching

Dance School in Via A.Costa 20
Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN)
Piano: Marco Giovanardi
Facilitated by: Nisha Maggioni

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Residential Meeting

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Kisoroszi, Szentendre, Hungary

01.01 – 04.01.2010

The fourth consecutive residential gathering facilitated jointly by and Bradford Gurdjieff Society, GB.
An opportunity to share intensively the experience of the work of transformation of being according to GI Gurdjieff and JG Bennett’s teaching with people who have been steeped in it for more than thirty years.
The village of Kisoroszi is at the northernmost tip of the Szentendre island, immersed in the enchanted landscape of the Danube, approx. 40km north ofi Budapest.

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Gurdjieff Movements
Attention, Relaxation & Sensation

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Sunday December 6, 2009 9am-5pm
piano: Stefano Trevisi
Facilitated by: Nisha Maggioni

Work Meeting

dscn1990 English7-8 November 2009

Sharing Fourth Way Practices
with the Bradford Gurdjieff Society from Yorkshire, UK

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Fagarè della Battaglia (TV)
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The Bradford Gurdjieff Society is a group of people from the north of England
who meet  regularly to follow
Gurdjieff’s teaching known as “The Work”.
Originally founded in Bradford by John G Bennett in 1949,
the Society was led for more than 40 years by Rina Hands,
who authored “The Diary of Madame Egout pour Sweet”
relating her experiences with Mr. Gurdjieff in Paris. and Gurdjieff Bradford Society
have been actigvely exchanging experiences for approximately two years
and cooperate in facilitating events
in Italy and Hungary.

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Work Day

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The Rimini-Santarcangelo group organizes a Work Day with Gurdjieff Movements

and the Experience of Attention, Relaxation and Sensation
Saturday October 31 2009 8pm dinner
Sunday November 1 9am-5pm
Santarcangelo di Romagna

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Il Lento Camminare

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Il lento camminare
a journey through the pilgrims’ melodies
music ensemble
St. Francis Church, Treviso
Sunday, October 4 2009 8.30pm



The concert will include fragments of Gurdjieff’s Sacred Dances Inspired by Dervish Ceremonies

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The Inner Journey. From Music to the Self

Ugo EnglishSunday, September 27 2009

Workshop with Ugo Bonessi

Torino Spirituality Festival

Comfortable clothes, a meditation pillow and the wish to look within: that’s all is required to set off on this well-structured but dynamic group search, dedicated to whoever experiences music as a vehicle for possible personal transformation. Through listening to rare material from various ethnical and religious traditions, and by playing pieces by Komitas and Gurdjieff on the piano, the workshop seeks to explore our most authentic physical, emotional and intelelctual dimensione.

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